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Finally, We reach at the time where life is easy with technology and gadgets. Gadgets are much closer than our family member, like I love to take my cellphone always with me instead of my family member. Even It is not possible for us to go to bathroom without mobile phone. Some people say “It is used to make pressure”. So funny! Instead of this, one and a half year old baby knows how to pickup a call, make a call, how to skip ad on youtube, how to use google assistant and so many things, that are even not known to me till now. From where they are getting so many knowledge regarding these gadgets. Well, the answer is simple i.e from us. We can notice a child is watching mobile from a long time. But what about ourselves. We are continuously watching mobiles day or night. And we can’t put this aside that the children have more grasping power than anything else. They are watching us.
Try reading books in front of your children. I request to all the pregnant ladies that please don’t spend your time watching mobiles. Spend your time reading good books, novels etc. This will surely help your child to become genious and extraordinary.
I strongly recommend Sanskrit Books to develope children ability. Because in future it is only sanskrit language which is going to be at great extent and people with knowledge of sanskrit will be in high demand.
Instead of this you can also read different languages books so that child’s brain can be more strong and able to feel free in every circumstances. Try reading books of motivation, inspiration & of success stories.  But please avoid mobile phones. People can also say that we may have more knowledge in our gadgets. But guys you know little knowledge is more harmful than having no knowledge. In your gadgets knowledge which is available, is very limited. We usually listen in Hindi-
एक छोटा सा दीया भी पूरे अंधकार को खतम कर देता है ।
But sorry to say, this can’t be lighten the whole area.
अंधकार का दूर होना बात और है और रोशनी करना बात और है ।
हमें रोशनी चाहिए ताकि सब अच्छे से दिख सके ।
We have to lighten our life so that our children’s vision must be clear. Life is mixture of up and downs and the whole life is very small to experience all the up and downs. We must take ideas and guidance from the experience of others by reading books.  So many books are available in market just to tell you about the life. Go and read them and guide your children.
Himanshu Arora
My Ideas And Thinking

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