And The Question is- WHAT IS LIFE?

First of all, the right question is;


We all need one purpose to live in this world but that one purpose is of our own or we need it from God. Well most of the people in this world are saying – जो भगवान को मंजूर होगा वो ही ठीक है l But is this statement is correct?

A Big NO.

There is something in this world which is pushing us into the deep well of darkness with the fear of god. We need to come out of this.

We are becoming educated but still we can’t neglect that one big reason which is always stop us to reach our goals and that big reason is we need the purpose in life which is god given.

People in now days are so irritating and they have zero tolerance. It is just because they don’t have their own purpose of life. They are actually not so busy but pretending. They don’t even know the value of time. They are wasting their time and money so madly.

How God will provide so many purposes to all the people in this whole world?

It is just a matter of knowledge and understanding your inner power.

Some people are constantly trying to do what others can’t do, some are trying what others doing. But very few are doing what they actually want with all their mind and heart. Only these people can be successful in this world.

People who are finding the purpose which is God Given, can’t move forward.

You must know what your heart wants. You must know what is good for you and what is bad for you. You must know what is affecting you or what is not. Then only you will become a successful.

Your purpose in life must take birth in your heart, rise in your mind and by implementing those in your life, you can set an example for others.

Before Death Every Part Of This World Must Be Explored. There Should be Nothing Left Unexplored at the Time of Death.

That Must Be The Purpose of Your Life.

  • Himanshu Arora

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  1. Himanshu, i read, what u wrote abt the purpose of life. Nicely written and explained by you. A simple, easily understandable collection of word have been used. it’s a good effort my brother… keep it up…..

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