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This is Himanshu Arora born and raised in Nakodar , a small town in district Jalandhar of State Punjab in India. I have done my schooling in Tagore Model School, Nakodar and graduated from the Nakodar and now doing Government Job in Nakodar. My 28 years of life passed in Nakodar But I love to travel different places. So I never missed a chance to visit any place. I was not a good student but an average, who always knew that He will surely passed the class, marks are not important. But traveling made me a good learner and I am very happy that today I can proudly say that I have a good & understanding wife , caring mother and cute little baby boy. My father who is really a great inspiration for me passed away in 2012. But he is always there in my heart.

I never neglect an opportunity for my improvement. Challenges made me stronger and I really love to take challenges. I always say one thing – अच्छी सोच और अच्छा कोच जिंदगी बदल देते है (In Hindi) – Good Thinking and Good Coach Change lives (In English). In life we don’t have to do those things which are not doing others and we also don’t have to do those things which are doing others, we have to do only those things through which we can find inner happiness.

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